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I Festival de Cante Flamenco en Miami


 Flamenco music and dance comes from the Southern part of Spain called Andalusia. It has its roots in the medieval music of Spain with strong Moorish, Gypsy and Jewish influences. It developed out of the cries and sufferings of a persecuted people when, after the Spanish Inquisition the Moors, Gypsies and Jews were all banned from Spain. Many styles of cante
flamenco are seldom heard outside the home with the exception of summer festivals in Andalusia. This traditional festival is the only way to help preserve, maintain and to pass down to future generations this beautiful art form.

Siempre Flamenco is led by husband and wife team Paco and Celia Fonta. Paco Fonta is a highly accomplished and sought after flamenco singer and guitarist. Together with his wife, dancer Celia Fonta, they have performed all over Florida and the United States and are well known in Miami as presenting the best in flamenco.

They will be joined by three of the most
talented and well known flamenco singers residing in the United States -  La Morita, who is pure gypsy fire; Pepe de Malaga with a vocal range unsurpassed; and Maria Elena ”La Cordobesa”, a national treasure and three time winner of the prestigious  Minnesota Music Academy Award for best female ethnic vocalist. Together with a a full cast of musicians and dancers.

Maria Elena La Cordobesa, Paco Fonta, Serranas

Pepe de Malaga, Pedro Cortes. Malagueña


Maria Elena La Cordobesa

Pepe de Malaga, Pedro Cortes,
La Caña

Virginia Moreno

Isnaya Santos

Juan de Alba

Celia Fonta

La Morita



Virginia Moreno, Alegrias

La Morita

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