Flamenco Dance Miami - Celia Fonta - Paco Fonta -Private Lessons and Performance

Siempre Flamenco, Miami, Florida

II Festival De Cante En Miami

Painting by Juan Revelles

Siempre Flamenco is led by husband and wife team Paco and Celia Fonta. Paco Fonta is a highly accomplished and sought after flamenco singer and guitarist. Together with his wife,
dancer Celia Fonta, they have performed all over Florida and the United States and are well
known in Miami as presenting the best in flamenco.

Siempre Flamenco is pleased to introduce four special guest singers, all from Andalucia Spain; Manuel Palacin from Jerez de la Frontera, Felix de Lola from Seville and Maria and Eva Montilla from Algeciras. Mr. Palacin has over 40 years of experience performing worldwide and is recognized as an authority on preservation of long forgotten flamenco melodies and verses. He is also the lead singer for the world famous Spanish National Ballet. Sisters Eva and Maria are young rising stars of flamenco song in Andalusia. They have performed all over Europe. This is their first time performing in the United States. Felix de Lola has been enchanting audiences with his striking voice and vocal range, performing with all the top flamenco artists, both in Spain and the U.S. This will be his first time performing in Miami. All of these artists, along with special guest guitarist, the renowned Pedro Cortes will join the stage with Siempre Flamenco for an evening of song and dance, passion and beauty that will surely be unforgettable.



Felix de Lola & Pedro Cortes, Vidalita

Eva Montilla & Paco Fonta, Tientos

Juan De Alba, Poem


Manuel Palacin, Tonas  

Felix de Lola, Pedro Cortes, Seguirillas

Eva & Maria Montilla, Pedro Cortes & Paco Fonta, Tangos 

Maria Montilla & Pedro Cortes, Solea

Manuel Palacin & Paco Fonta, Tientos Tangos

Celia Fonta, Solea

Manuel Palacin, Bulerias

Maria Montilla & Pedro Cortes, Tarantos

Manuel Palacin & Paco Fonta, Guajiras

Nuria Cid, Ana Miranda, Eiko, Micaela, Guajiras

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