Flamenco Dance Miami - Celia Fonta - Paco Fonta -Private Lessons and Performance

III Festival De Cante Flamenco En Miami

Thursday, March, 6th, 2008
Master class of Cante Flamenco By Manuel Palacin
Centro Cultural Español

Friday, March, 7th, 2008
Lecture/Demostration on The History of Cante Flamenco
Centro Cultural Español

Sunday, March, 9th, 2008
Manuel Artime Theatre

Manuel Palacin
Israel Paz
Pepe de Malaga

Paco Fonta
Pedro Cortes Jr
Jose Cortes Pansequito

Celia Fonta
Virginia Moreno
Jorje Robledo
With the colaboration of:
Paco Aguilera and Juan De Alba




Tonas: Manuel Palacin, Israel Paz, Pepe de Malaga

Pepe de Malaga & Jose Cortes Malagueñas

Israel Paz & Pedro Cortes, Solea

Israel Paz & Pedro Cortes Fandangos

Manuel Palacin & Paco Fonta La Caña

Manuel Palacin & Paco Fonta Cantiñas


Seguirillas: Celia Fonta, Jorje Robledo

Alegrias: Jorje Robledo

Alegrias: Virginia Moreno

Celia Fonta Solea

Manuel Palacin, Bulerias

Bulerias: Israel Paz, M. Palacin, Liliana y Jose Luis

Jorje Robledo Bulerias

Virginia Moreno Bulerias

Celia Bulerias & Fin de Fiesta


Paco Aguilera, Balada

Paco Aguilera, Rumba

Juan de Alba, Poema


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