IV Festival De Cante Flamenco En Miami

Saturday, May 9th 2009 8pm
Flamenco Concert
Manuel Artime Theatre
900 1st Street, Miami Fl

Salvaora Galan
Paco Fonta
Manuel Palacin
Israel Paz

Paco Fonta
Pepe Haro

Celia Fonta
Jose Junco
Nuria Cid
Liliana and JoseLuis



Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Part 1, Part 2

Part 1, Part 2

Fin de Fiesta
Part 1, Part 2


Salvadora Galan
Malagueñas, Granainas, Seguirillas

Israel Paz
Alegrias, Seguirillas, Fandangos

Manuel Palacin
Tangos de Malaga, Bamberas, Guajiras








Salvaora Galan

Manuel Palacin

     Now in its 4th year, Siempre Flamenco is proud to present the 4th Festival of Flamenco song in Miami. Once again Miami will be host to a traditional flamenco festival celebrating the cultural heritage of flamenco song. Featured flamenco singers will include Salvadora Galan from Seville and Manuel Palacin from Jerez de la Frontera.  Savadora Galan is unique in that she also accompanies herself on guitar. She has performed all over Spain and the U.S in flamenco concerts. This will be her first time performing in Miami. Mr. Palacin has over 40 years of experience performing worldwide and is recognized as an authority on preservation of long forgotten flamenco melodies and verses. He is also the lead singer for the world famous Spanish National Ballet.  This years festival will include the premier of “ Sentimiento Minero” or “Miner’s Lament”. This piece is based on the Cante Minero or Miners songs that come from the mining towns of Almeria and Jaen. It explores the isolation felt while working in the mines, the fear and loneliness of loved ones awaiting the miners return and the celebration of their safe reunion. Paco Fonta, Salvadora Galan, and Manuel Palacin will interpret the Miners Songs, and in return, Jose Junco, Celia Fonta and Nuria Cid will interpret the “Sentimiento” in dance. Another premiere will be “Campanas de Cordoba”, based on the Solea rhythm, danced by Lilliana and Jose Luis, a talented young couple who recently arrived from Cuba.  This is a full evening’s concert event that is sure to exhilarate and delight both young and old as they experience the sound and color of flamenco.
     Flamenco music and dance comes from the Southern part of Spain called Andalusia. It has its roots in the medieval music of Spain with strong Moorish, Gypsy and Jewish influences. It developed out of the cries and sufferings of a persecuted people when, after the Spanish Inquisition the Moors, Gypsies and Jews were all banned from Spain. Many styles of cante flamenco are seldom heard outside the home with the exception of summer festivals in Andalusia. This traditional festival is the only way to help preserve, maintain and to pass down o future generations this beautiful art form. Siempre Flamenco is led by husband and wife team Paco and Celia Fonta. Paco Fonta is a highly accomplished and sought after flamenco singer and guitarist. Together with his wife, dancer Celia Fonta, they have performed all over Florida and the United States and are well known in Miami as presenting the best in flamenco.

Jose Junco


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