Flamenco Dance Miami - Celia Fonta - Paco Fonta -Private Lessons and Performance

V Festival de Cante Flamenco en Miami 2010

March 21st-27th

Sunday, March 21st 4pm
Al Andalus Caravana,
Jewish, Moorish, and Gypsy roots of Flamenco will come together in a contemporary fusion concert.

Cantor George Mordecai
Singer and Oud player Joe Zeytoonian Singer and Guitarist Paco Fonta
Dance and Percussion Myriam Eli
Flamenco dancer Celia Fonta.

Temple Emanu-El
1701 Washington Ave
Miami Beach Fl 33139


Alandalus Intro

Joe Zeytoonian Oud Solo

Myriam Eli Solo Part 1

Myriam Eli Solo Part 2

Si Topa Gracia

Sefardic Song

Paco's Bulerias

Caña Part 1

Caña Part 2

Caña Part 3

Alegrias Part 1

Alegrias Part 2

Tangos Morunos

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