Flamenco Dance Miami - Celia Fonta - Paco Fonta -Private Lessons and Performance

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Jesus Montoya
Kina Mendez
Javier Heredia

Paco Fonta
Jose Cortes

Celia Fonta


Friday,May 11 8pm
Manuel Artime Theater
900 Sw 1st St. Miami, Fl 33130

$30.00 general admission
$25.00 seniors & students


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 Now in its seventh year, Siempre Flamenco presents Cante Fest 2012.  The deepest feeling of flamenco song unites with the intricate fury of dance in a unique concert that will exhilarate and delight both young and old.

The soulful, gripping sounds of cante flamenco – traditional flamenco song -- are believed to have evolved from the cries and sufferings of a persecuted people when, after the Spanish Inquisition, the Moors, Gypsies and Jews were banned from Spain. This festival, a celebration of cante, brings to South Florida audiences a unique opportunity to enjoy an art form that is seldom heard outside of Spain. 

This year’s festival features three guest singers, Kina Mendez, Jesus Montoya and Javier Heredia, each unique in their interpretation and appearing for the first time at the Festival. Kina Mendez, was born into the Mendez clan of Gypsy artists of Jerez de la Frontera. Steeped in the flamenco tradition, she began singing under the influence of her aunt, legendary flamenco singer La Paquera de Jerez. Her explosive, expressive presence on stage and her dynamic vocal range has made her a sought after performer in both Spain and the United States. Jesus Montoya was born into the one of the oldest gypsy families in Seville, Spain. His singing is imbued in flamenco purity and power. He is a master of the Fandango style of Cante Jondo and recognized for his unique rendering of this classic song. Javier Heredia, also from Seville Spain is a self-taught artist, Javier is a festero, which is a rare character in flamenco – one who dances, sings, and gets the excitement flowing. Renowned Flamenco critic Estela Zatania says of Javier “The audience had the pleasure, harder and harder to enjoy these days, of seeing an authentic old-style “festero”. Javier Heredia is the youngest exponent of this endangered artform. The audience response is enthusiastic to say the least, leaving no doubt as to the universality of Javier’s message.”

Siempre Flamenco’s musical director Paco Fonta, and guest guitarist, Jose Cortes Panzekito, will provide Flamenco guitar accompaniment. Celia Fonta and Siempre Flamenco Company will round out the festival lineup with the beautiful choreography audiences have come to expect from the company.






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