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Flamenco Dance In Miami with Celia Fonta

What is Flamenco Dance?

A flamenco dance is traditionally a solo in which the dancer expresses the music in his/her own personal style. Since it is danced to live music and adheres to a strict rhythmical structure, the musicians and dancers are able to improvise, similar to jazz and so the dialogue continues...

When brought to the concert stage several different flamenco styles will be presented. From the most serious and profound song of the Solea which is said to be the mother of all flamenco songs and expresses love, heartache and loneliness to the fast paced Bulerias, which is a song to indulge in the playful aspect of life, to have fun and enjoy friends and family, Siempre Flamenco will delight and exhilarate young and old. The depth of its human emotion is timeless and crosses all ethnic cultures and experiences.

Siempre Flamenco Dancers

Praised with rave reviews, Paco and Celia Fonta have won the hearts of all who have seen them. With their company Siempre Flamenco, they can perform as a guitar/singer and dance duo, trio, or with a larger group of musicians and dancers for full scale theatre productions.

Celia FontaCelia Fonta Dances Flamencoo in Authentic Form



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