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Photo by Pedro Portal

Celia Clara With Siempre Flamenco, Paco and Celia Fonta present an authentic flamenco show dedicated to preserving the art of flamenco in a fresh and engaging performance. The trilogy of guitar, song and dance are in constant dialogue, and the spontaneity of conversation is interpreted in the language of flamenco. The audience becomes witness to the vast array of human emotions that are expressed through flamenco, and are thus transcended in time as they partake in a moment of flamenco life. Whether on the concert stage or in a more intimate "tablao" setting, Siempre Flamenco will delight and exhilarate young and old. The depth of human emotion is timeless and crosses all ethnic cultures and experiences.


Celia and Paco Fonta teach private Flamenco classes in Miami, Florida. Celia teaches beginning and advanced Flamenco Dance and Paco teaches Flamenco Guitar.
For private lessons and Booking Information:

e-mail: Siempre Flamenco

Tel 305-866-4387





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